General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) Summary

  • Dr Sawer is registered with the HCPC (as is a legal requirement to practice), and she operates under their regulations.
  • All information discussed during your therapy is strictly confidential, however there are rare exceptions where confidentiality may be broken. This includes if Dr Sawer thought that either you or another person was at risk of harm, or if you were to disclose information about a crime.
  • In order to provide the safest care for you or your child, there is a minimum amount of data that will be collected, which includes an initial registration form. If a paper copy of this form is provided then this will be stored in a locked box, if this is provided electronically then this will be password protected and stored on a password protected encrypted computer. Any other notes in relation to sessions and reports (if necessary or requested) are stored in the same way. Please note that it is necessary to keep some brief notes in order to provide the best care and it is a requirement of the governing body.
  • Session notes, registration forms and identifiable information will be kept for a minimum period of 7 years after you (if you are the patient) or your child (if they are the patient) turns 18. After this period they will be deleted/destroyed.
  • If you require your registration forms returned or would like to see your session notes, please discuss this with Dr Sawer, who may need to discuss this with the governing body.
  • If you wanted information held about your to be deleted this would also need to be discussed on a case by case basis and in correspondence with the HCPC as to whether this was legal.
  • If factual errors or omissions have been made in either the registration forms you have provided, or in reports/correspondence then you can request that this be amended. If this information has been shared (with your consent) with another agency (e.g. school) then Dr Sawer will contact recipients to inform of them of these amendments.
  • When you finish sessions or if you put sessions on hold, notes will no longer be taken and no further liaison with other professionals about your case will take place (except where there is serious risk).
  • Enquiries made via the website are sent securely via email and once Dr Sawer has contacted you, this email will be deleted. Likewise any correspondence via email will be regularly deleted.
  • You will not be emailed with marketing information and your information or details will not be passed onto any third party or organisations.